Interval Signal Ringtones for Android

This morning, while browsing for an Android app, I noticed that SWLing Post contributor, Stephen Cooper, has published a simple app for adding interval signal ringtones to your Android device.

Interval Signal Ringtones appears to have a very simple interface and over 40 interval signals included. The price is very modest at $1.98.

Click here to view in the Google Play store.

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9 thoughts on “Interval Signal Ringtones for Android

  1. Aaron Lui

    Hi Rich,

    100% anti-Irish as the chorus is a mockery of the phonetics of that language. Lillibulero bullinala is a mockery of the Jibber Jabber that they speak along the western coast of Ireland

    Jibber jabber is what the English call all other languages except their own Germanic hybrid.

  2. Aaron Lai

    The BBC interval signal is from a anti-Irish song called ‘Lillibulero’

    The nonsense chorus is meant to make fun of Irish gaelic, the Irish language so its an 18th century political song.

    Funny how the BBC likes to comment on racism in other countries but starts every broadcast with a racist tune.

  3. George - NJ3H

    I use Radio Moscow ringtone. Cannot wait for someone to recognize it. I used to use the old NBC Monitor ID musical ditty (from their weekend programming). Sounds really good for a ringtone. A great computer sound 50 years on the past.

    1. John

      Hi there. If it’s a 10 note tune, it’s called “Moscow Nights” . Where did you get it from and how could I use it ad my android ringtone?

  4. Michael Meyer

    One can also on Youtube find a number of interval signals in good audio quality. Personally, I’m having Radio Netherlands on my iPhone 5s. Though, it is a little more tricky to install.


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