eBay: Galaxy R-530 Communications Receiver & Speaker

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Rob G, who shares a link to this rare Galaxy R-530 receiver and speaker on eBay:

Click here to view on eBay.

The R-530 is certainly a handsome receiver. FYI: the last time we posted one of these from eBay, the final price was $470 shipped, but this particular listing also includes the SC-530 matching speaker.

Earlier this year, when an R-530 appeared on eBay, our resident rare receiver guru, Dan Robinson, chimed in with the following:

Some observations on this. The R-530, and military version R-1530, were considered fairly top of the line when they were made. They’re still among the rarer radios on the used market, though not the rarest. The R-1530 is not seen often.

On performance, these receivers were not on the same level as National HRO-500s, 51Js, and R-390s. This was made by Hy-Gain after all, which was not top of the heap in receiving design.

However, the R-530/1530s are great looking pieces. Anyone considering these should make absolutely sure that the PLL circuit functions on all bands. Poor cosmetic condition is a tipoff that the radio had a hard life.

Are there any Post readers own and use an R-530 of R-1530? Please comment!

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5 thoughts on “eBay: Galaxy R-530 Communications Receiver & Speaker

  1. Rob

    That is absolutely amazing!!! Not only would be difficult to even find 3, but the cost would likely be immense. Incidentally, I managed to get mine for $1 (I found a great deal on an item for $1 and traded for the radio).


    I redid the spec pages in Fred Osterman’s new book Shortwave Receivers Past and Present for both the R-530 and R-1530 and own several of each.


      1. RICK ATWOOD


        I have tree R-1530 units, a SC-1530 speaker and three R-530 units and three SC-530 speakers. Good stuff!



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