The Yaesu FRG-7700 in TV series iZombie

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mark Hirst, who adds the following to our growing archive of radios in film.

Mark writes:

Another radio spotted in a TV show, this time in the Netflix show iZombie.

Having been gifted a Yaesu FRG-7700 recently, it was an easy spot.

Click to enlarge

This FRG-7700 appears to be a ‘special’ model however, with a microphone plugged into the headphone socket and able to act as a transceiver!!

You have sharp eyes, Mark! Yes, indeed, it looks like they’ve turned that ‘7700 into a transceiver by plugging a mic into the headphone jack.  Now why didn’t we think of that?!? 🙂

Thanks again for sharing!

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3 thoughts on “The Yaesu FRG-7700 in TV series iZombie

  1. Luke

    The FRG7700 is also visible in the Netflix series “Katla”, season 1 episode 5, 16:54 minutes into the episode.

  2. ¾ Blind

    I once plugged an earphone into a tape recorder’s ?’ mono mic jack, hit record and spoke into the earphone. Audio was terrible but it did work.


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