Dan spots a Rohde & Schwarz Miniport Receiver EB200 on eBay

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who writes:

EB200 is the older model, the latest is the EB500 or at least the one that followed the EB200.

We have seen quite a few R&S units on eBay of late, including  EK890 and EK895s, one of which remains on eBay as of this time.

Click here to view on eBay.

Thanks, Dan.  I was unfamiliar with this R&S model, but I like the compact size. The seller has 100% positive feedback and a decent history. I do find it funny, though, that he didn’t post extra images–you must request them from the seller instead. It appears that the encoder has some damage (perhaps from heat?) around the finger dimple.

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6 thoughts on “Dan spots a Rohde & Schwarz Miniport Receiver EB200 on eBay

  1. Henry

    Superb receivers the AM demod, SSB clarity is just superb. Its an marvel of engineering when you look inside. I have a Elecraft K3 which is a high performance receiver but sounds like a noisy tin box when compared to this receiver. When i listen to the low bands and tropical bands its almost if the ham transceivers are designed to hear static crashes and noises and the Signal to noise ration and lack of crackling and popping is almost non existent on the EB200 for the same gain settings.The AGC is superb also and the thing i love the most is the Accurate Signal strength meter which is better than 1 db accurate. Its incredible and I always smile when I connect the signal generator to this receiver and it matches the output exactly. Its a shame the R&S does not release all the documentation, service manuals and everything about this receiver rather than letting them be consigned to the rubbish bin when something goes wrong. And another thing is that you can use this radio as an excellent EMC receiver since its so accurate. You can do pre-compliance work faster because its not a scanning EMC spectrum analyzer. You can hear and measure problems far quicker than any EMC analyzer. Just superb. Its incredible that after all these years there is not single receiver in either the hobby market or professional market that can match its versatility. If you get the chance to get a unit grab it at all costs its well worth the asking price.

  2. Juan Carlos


    Yes, very nice receiver,
    I’m looking for a R&S RAMON or ARGUS software for my R&S EB200.
    Does anyone know where they can download?



      1. Juan Carlos Arribas

        Hi. Robin

        I found in the R&S web side a ESMD software. It is a control software for ESMD and EB200 receiver. Is fine.

  3. Andy

    I have the EB150, which is the same but without the remote facilities. It’s very nice. This one came from a silent key sale and was faulty, but thankfully a couple of new electrolytics in the DC/DC converter fixed it. It has a tracking front-end (much better than octave or sub-octave filters) from 20 MHz to 1000 MHz and a combination of HP and LP filters deal with the rest. There’s only one VFO, so I have a few memories set up with my favourite ‘band centres’ with the required mode already selected. Once the memory is recalled, you can tune it just as you would a VFO. There is only one antenna input on the 150, so external switching is necessary if you have lots of different antennas spanning LF to UHF.
    Internal construction is impressive, with all the major circuit blocks in shielded enclosures. I think mine dates from 1999.


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