Médi 1 Radio may have left the shortwaves

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who forwarded a message from The Bulgarian DX blog which notes that Médi 1 Radio (Radio Méditerranée) has stopped broadcasting on shortwave:

“MOROCCO According to Jean-Michel Aubier France and a mail sent by Abdellah El-Atmami from transmitting station Nador, Radio Medi 1 (Mediterranee) has stopped shortwaves forever: 24 hours on 9575 NAD 250 kW / 110 deg to NoAf Arabic/French”

I’ll miss Médi 1 Radio on shortwave because they always broadcast a splendid variety of music. Sure, I’ll probably listen to them over WiFi radio, but it’s just not the same–I love the way music sounds over the shortwaves.

3 thoughts on “Médi 1 Radio may have left the shortwaves

  1. Tudor Vedeanu

    Here in Romania I can still hear them on 171 kHz LW. I do have to use a good antenna to receive them, but often the signal is very good. I already miss them on SW. Their signal on 9575 kHz was like a beacon for testing the propagation on the 31m band.

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