Gospell GR-216 DRM receiver price and availability

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Sandipan Basu Mallick, who writes:

In reference to the post about the review of Gospell GR-216 DRM Receiver, [I enquired] about availability and price.

Received response within few hours.

Yes, Gospell is now shipping the GR-216 DRM Receiver.

They are selling it directly. Not available via online shopping portals.

Most importantly Price $200 + Intl. Shipping (FedEx/DHL) $100 = $300

Payment via PayPal.

Anyone interested can contact Mr Jerry Luoy

GOSPELL Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Mob/Whatsapp: +86-136 7909 3866
Skype: luo-jerry;
Wechat: luo-yunjun
Email: [email protected]

Attaching product brochure, mail and product snaps as received from Gospell.

[Click here to download product brochure (PDF).]

Appreciate if the information can shared over your blog for the benefit of the radio enthusiast.

Warm Regards,
Sandipan Basu Mallick.
DXer, Radio Enthusiast from India.

Many thanks, Sandipan, for sharing this info!

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9 thoughts on “Gospell GR-216 DRM receiver price and availability

  1. Inaki Berraondo

    Good morning, I want to buy the Gospell GR-216 DRM receiver, I need data to
    make the payment.
    My address is
    Inaki Berraondo DYPREL
    Berriosuso 1 Ansoain Navarra 31013

  2. Peter Jenner

    I am tempted to buy one but two reasons I am not going too yet: it appears the only accept paypal. I have found out to my cost that I do not have the same level of buyer protection with paypal compared to my regular visa credit card. also, at this time, there is a german business seller on ebay selling the morphy Richards drm receiver, presumably new old new stock. his customer feedback is abysmal, the radios are about £155 with about £35 shipping. and ebay is paypal too of course. I am going to contact this seller to see if he will accept paypal by credit card directly only.. keep you infirmed. is the morphy Richards much good?

    1. Peter Sharpe

      The issue I have is that signal levels in the U.K. may or may not be viable. There is no information as yet on any Europe target area.

  3. Mark

    I finally received the radio yesterday, I bought 2 ! 🙂

    It is expensive but available right now.

    I am impressed, I haven’t got much of a chance to try it out because most of the transmissions in DRM end or close to ending when I get home from work at 8 PM UTC.

    A nice radio, well built good quality decent sound.

    MW/SW analogue reception seems quiet good tested with telescopic/Ferrite and also 20 feet of wire thrown in a tree which tends to overload it slightly, obviously using the external antenna inputs with a proper antenna will give much better results.

    Pickled up Radio Romania International this morning in Ireland at 5:30 AM UTC , 3 bars signal on the telescopic in the Kitchen, sounded decent. Did not pick up BBC though they might not have been transmitting at that time.

    I find this DRM scheduled to be unreliable. http://www.hfcc.org/schedule/ 0 of the DRM transmissions it says are live are actually Live.

    Here http://www.hfcc.org/drm/ it says Radio France International is live which it is but signal is poor here in Ireland but strong at night on 3965 Khz but the Gospell will not decode it when the signal is strong so perhaps it’s using a non standard transmission ?

    Anyway I hope to test it more at the weekend when I’m off work and hopefully Gospell will sell a lot of these and I hope a lot more DRM transmissions pop up on MW/LW and SW , the Powers that be are trying to make it so that every but of media we receive comes from the Internet only and I believe this is a huge mistake relying on the internet for everything.

  4. Tom Reitzel

    I just left an e-mail as I’ve decided to go ahead right NOW! 😉 However, I’m moving shortly so I may have to wait. Furthermore, I don’t and won’t use PayPal.

  5. C

    Jerry quoted me $180 +$60 for shipping via DHL. Two facebook posts are showing a wide range of prices Jerry quoted to people all over the world…

  6. DanH

    Well, it does seem to be a lot of money given the number of SW DRM stations available. But, early and small production runs always command high prices. I am reminded of another recent blip on the horizon of desirable luxuries. I live in an area of Northern California that will receive 78% totality for the upcoming eclipse. I looked into lodgings for the Sunday evening in “totality” Oregon a few weeks ago. State and national parks were all booked. The last rooms at a Red Lion Inn were going for $1500 and Craig’s List had offerings for tent-sized patches of peoples’ backyards for $100 per night, no bathroom privileges. Looks like a gold rush is going on in Oregon. I’ll stay home and use my wire antennas for eclipse DX.

  7. John C.

    Funny but two weeks ago in an e mail, Mr. Luoy quoted me $240.00 plus international shipping, which I wasn’t sure of the price of so I fugured $60.00. Still at $300.00 I told him I’d hold off. He tried to get Universal Radio interested in selling them but they wouldn’t bite. I wonder why?

    1. Tom Reitzel

      Regarding Universal Radio, the issue is probably one of support since Gospell apparently doesn’t have an American subsidiary.


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