Lennart’s Radio FAX QSL card and letter

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Lennart Weirell, who shares the following

I read the posting about Radio FAX, and I heard the station 1988-10-23, but on MW 1611 kHz a frequency they also used.

[Please see above and below] a copy of the QSL-card and stencil from Radio FAX.

Back of QSL Card

Thanks so much for sharing your report with us, Lennart!

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4 thoughts on “Lennart’s Radio FAX QSL card and letter

  1. Patrick

    I also have that QSL, just 3 days later, 26 Oct 1988, SINPO 55555 at 2000 GMT. I remember they read out parts of my letter which included the remark “One man’s QRM is another man’s DX” which I suppose is still true. Eddie Caffrey, one of the Reporters named on the card is still going strong on LMFM (Louth, Meath) in Ireland. Google him.

  2. Mark Phillips

    I have that QSL too. I would have been at Guildford Tech at the time. IIRC I would have heard it on my Sangean 803A. Halcyon Dayz 🙂


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