Sangean TR-108 iTalker: Ante seeks more information

Sangean TR-108 iTalker

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ante Milisa, who writes:

I came across a new product from well known radio producer Sangean: the Sangean TR-108.

I believe this is a successor to Sangean’s well-known Sangean PR-D8, which I had and which was great.

The Sangean PR-D8

It seems like this one is currently only produced for the Asian market though. It would be great if they would produce a version for Europe/America as well.

I am sure it would sell well.

Anybody heard anything about this product?

From what I can see, it has FM/AM, radio recording with preset recording, and SD card capability. Everything I need. 🙂

Click here to view details on the Sangean website.

Thanks for your message Ante, especially since I was unfamiliar with either model.

The Sangean PR-D8 had a very unique design with split recording and radio functions on the front panel. Indeed, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. C.Crane sold them, but they now appear to be discontinued. There aren’t any currently on eBay, either (though one did recently sell for $100 shipped).

I read a Google Translate version of the Sangean TR-108 spec sheet. Sadly, I think the TR-108 lacks the AM (mediumwave) band–FM only–so it might not be a direct replacement for the PR-D8. Plus, the TR-108 recording function doesn’t appear to be as full-featured as that of the PR-D8.

Still, I like how the TR-108 buttons appear to have raised, tactile dots for those who are visually-impaired. Looks to be pretty compact as well!

Post readers: please comment if you have more information to share about the Sangean TR-108 iTalker.

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4 thoughts on “Sangean TR-108 iTalker: Ante seeks more information

  1. Ante

    Thank you for the comments. I think the band button is because they provide several FM band types, from 67.0 onward. If I buy it (not speaking Chinese) do you think I should be able to follow basic instructions for radio recording, etc.

  2. Julian

    I notice that the TR 108 is not yet listed in the Sangean English language website.
    Here is a translation of the Specifications and Description from the Sangean Taiwan website.
    It seems from the Spec. sheet to be a FM only receiver, which does frather beg the question asked by Ray “Why the band button?”
    Anyway I hope the translation below helps:

    1. Specifications
    Band FM (FM) Broadcast Frequency Range (MHz) 87.5 – 108 (General Preset)
    Other DSP TUNER
    Media Mode SD V
    Function radio memory FM 4 group
    Stereo headphones / speakers headphones
    Clock local time / second time / world time local time
    Alarm band / media mode / traditional beep / other band / media mode / traditional beep
    Alarm volume setting V
    Timer snooze / sleep (auto power off) / small break / countdown Snooze / sleep (auto power off)
    Additional features recording function / reservation recording function V
    File Browser V
    A-B point interval repeat play V
    Select the type (tuning) type phase lock circuit selection system
    Knob to select the set button to select the button
    Compatible audio format CD / SD / USB SD
    Display screen Liquid crystal display / vacuum fluorescent display / dial LCD display
    Visual area (mm) 51 x 14.5
    Image type / character type / segment type image type
    Backlight V
    Interface terminal input DC (rectifier) ??Power input jack V
    SD jack V
    Output headphone audio output jack V
    Speaker size size 2.25 inches
    Impedance 8 ohms
    Output power Speaker output power AC power supply / DC (rectifier) ??Power supply / AC (rectifier) ??Power supply 1 watt (using AC power)
    Battery 1 Watt
    Power supply DC (rectifier) ??Power supply 6V 0.4A
    Battery (main power) 4 x 1.5V (UM-3)
    Accessories Rectifier (DC power supply output) V
    Size / Weight Width (mm) 166.2
    High (mm) 108.3
    Deep (mm) 37.8
    Weight (g) 378

    2. Description
    Digital Phase Locking System
    SD card support to play MP3 / WMA format
    FM radio frequency. Operation menu. Key function …. Synchronization voice prompt function
    Button with braille function
    4 groups of radio memory
    Automatically scan the radio
    SD card recording and playback
    FM radio booking recording / listening and recording
    Microphone recording
    Beep or radio (music) / SD card music alarm selection (auto power on)
    Snooze function
    Sleep time setting 60-45-30-15-120-90 minutes (automatic shutdown)
    2.25 inches 8 ohm full range high quality speakers
    The A-B segment is played back repeatedly
    3.5mm headphone stereo output jack
    Lock key

    Size: 166.2 x 108.3 x 37.8 mm
    Net weight: 378 g (without battery)


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