Cross Country Wireless release SDR-4+ Special Edition SDR receiver

(Source: Southgate ARC and Kim Elliott)

Cross Country Wireless have released a Special Edition version of their SDR-4+receiver.

This includes many features previously only available in custom versions of the receiver.

Adding a high IP3 push pull RF amplifier, RF filter upgrades and a lower noise and distortion IQ amplifier have resulted in a high performance SDR receiver with an overall IIP3 of +31 dBm.

There is no increase in price for the Special Edition version.

More details on the web page:

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2 thoughts on “Cross Country Wireless release SDR-4+ Special Edition SDR receiver

  1. Tom Reitzel

    I have a two year old version of their SDR-4+ and it’s an excellent receiver for sure. I suspect this special edition will be worth the money for sure. I already have TWO SDR-4+s and might even buy a third one. For the price, the SDR-4+ is probably the best value.


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