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Rick compares the Bonito ML200, Cross Country Wireless, MLA-30 and Wellbrook 1530LN

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mike Ladd, who shares the following video by Rick King who compares four mag loop antennas: the MLA-30, Cross Country Wireless, Bonito ML200, and the Wellbrook 1530LN.

Click here to view on YouTube.

Excellent comparison, Rick!

Although we’ve previously posted reviews and comments about the MLA30, I’m quite impressed that it gave the venerable Wellbrook a run for its money. I’m not surprised the Bonito ML200 was the winner here–Bonito quality is second to none.

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Mark seeks advice about the Cross Country Wireless Active Loop

(Source: Sunsdr.eu)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mark Fahey, who comments:

My WRTH is still in transit to me, however, Thomas’s comment in the post about the Cross Country Wireless Active Loop sparked my interest and I surfed over to their website. They have a great collection of really innovative antennas. I’m fascinated to see that their designs use balanced pairs within an ethernet cable instead of a coax feedline. Surfing to their website was very dangerous! My fingers are itching to order an antenna, or worst still (for my wallet) more than one of their models.

Has anyone been using one? My interest would be for “on-the-road” field use on MW & SW.

Thanks for your question, Mark! Like you, I’m very curious how portable this loop may be. Readers: please comment if you have any experience with the Cross Country Wireless Active Loop!

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Cross Country Wireless release SDR-4+ Special Edition SDR receiver

(Source: Southgate ARC and Kim Elliott)

Cross Country Wireless have released a Special Edition version of their SDR-4+receiver.

This includes many features previously only available in custom versions of the receiver.

Adding a high IP3 push pull RF amplifier, RF filter upgrades and a lower noise and distortion IQ amplifier have resulted in a high performance SDR receiver with an overall IIP3 of +31 dBm.

There is no increase in price for the Special Edition version.

More details on the web page:

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