BBC Atlantic relay station on Ascension Island seeking aerial rigger

Click here to see St. Helena’s remote location in the South Atlantic Ocean. (Map courtesy of Wikipedia)

(Source: The Times via Richard Cuff)

There should surely be a queue down the street for a steady job in a subtropical climate with beautiful beaches and ocean views, especially after you have climbed a 413ft radio mast.

But contractors running the BBC Atlantic relay station on Ascension Island in the south Atlantic have had to readvertise a post for a full-time antenna maintenance supervisor. It may not be the job of everyone’s dreams, but it would suit anyone with a head for heights and a longing to get away from it all.

[…]Attempts to recruit a new rigger have proved unsuccessful, even though the job comes with a bungalow and an unspecified salary with a singular advantage: there are few places on Ascension (population roughly 800) to spend any money.

[…]The successful candidate will not lack for fun. There are beachside barbecues and even an 18-hole golf course, although the greens are known locally as “browns” and visitors have unkindly dubbed it “the worst golf course in the world”.

Click here to read the full article at The Times.

Post Readers: Please comment if you’ve ever visited Ascension Island!  It is on my long-term bucket list.

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2 thoughts on “BBC Atlantic relay station on Ascension Island seeking aerial rigger

  1. David Cypher

    413ft?,. Thats a i don’t generally like to ” people” much.mthat and i couldcescape my ex without being located that would be great!

  2. István Simon

    hi there

    I’m a well experienced radio tower inspector.
    I found Your post, about seeking a rigger, who can make maintenace Your towers.
    I just like to know some more details, about the job, and living in Ascension.


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