For Sale: My Tecsun PL-600

>>>>>UPDATE: This radio has been sold!  Thanks for your interest!<<<<<

I’m in the process of thinning the herd around here at the SWLing Post HQ! I have dozens of portable radios that I rarely use–many I keep solely for review comparisons and benchmarking.

I’ve always loved the PL-600, but I rarely turn it on these days. I have the PL-660, PL-680, PL-880 and a number of other similar portables for review comparisons.

I used to lug this receiver around quite a bit–somewhere in my travels I scratched the display a bit.

It doesn’t hinder the ability to read the display–not cracked, just scratched–but it’ll turn off someone looking for a perfect specimen for sure. Indeed I’m sure there are other light scratches to be found.

It comes with the original box, soft case, earphones, power supply and manual. Essentially, the full original package.

This unit, of course, works beautifully. In fact, I turned it on for the first time in a few months and check out what was on frequency! So–BONUS!–if you’re a spy, this might be your dream radio.

I want this to be a good deal for someone, so I’ll ship to the first person who offers $40 or more (not too much more, okay?). Free shipping via the USPS. Payment via PayPal.

If interested, just contact me via email.

>>>>>UPDATE: This radio has been sold!  Thanks for your interest!<<<<<

I’d prefer not to ship internationally as it often involves a headache and would incur additional costs which I can’t predict. 🙂 Thanks for understanding.

All I ask is that you put this little radio on the air!

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One thought on “For Sale: My Tecsun PL-600

  1. Bob C., aka "Dexter D. Xer


    I was sorry to learn you recently cashed in your Tecsun PL-600. Although this receiver appears to use the old fashioned SSB detector, which is not easily selectable, I think it must be one of the most inexpensive, underrated performers I have encountered. Unlike my PL-660 and -680 which are fraught with birdies, the -600 seems to be relatively free of them.

    There is a mod to insert a 1k-ohm resistor on the circuit board to improve audio response, particularly overload on ssb signals. It it fully described at

    For those of us who still maintain analog boat anchors, a radio such as the PL-600 can be put to good secondary use to tune the boat anchor precisely on frequency, and vice versa, determine the frequency to which the boat anchor is tuned. This works on any single-conversion analog boat anchor having an intermediate frequency of 455 kHz, and takes advantage of the fact that the local oscillator jogs along 455 kHz higher than the incoming signal on lower bands and 455 kHz lower than the incoming signal on the highest band, which often starts around 14 MHz.

    The local oscillator output from the boat anchor is generally quite strong, radiating several feet from the radio, and can be heard on a nearby receiver. By tuning the a digital radio to say 9955 kHz, then tuning the boat anchor through 9500 kHz, a strong signal will be heard from the digital radio. This works best if the digital radio is set to SSB (BFO on), as zero beat from the digital radio will indicate when the boat anchor is tuned to 9500 kHz.

    Likewise, if the boat anchor is tuned to a signal of unknown frequency, the digital radio can be tuned through the corresponding IF frequency range until the peak is heard. Subtracting or adding 455 from the digital reading will give the boat anchor’s frequency.

    I wound up making higher and lower charts at 5 kHz intervals which are used to easily convert the frequencies back and forth.

    I also found a use for those foam washers that hold CDs and DVDs in place on their supply spindles. Their inner diameter fits snugly over the SSB knobs on the -600, -660, and -680 providing a larger diameter knob for easier CW and SSB tuning.




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