Inside the Post: A new perk for Patreon Patrons

Quite often, I’m privy to information that has yet to be refined into a public post here on the SWLing Post. In the past, I’ve simply kept the new information and/or evolving posts to myself.

But as a small perk for supporting the SWLing Post via Patreon, I’ve decided to share this informal information privately through Patreon’s website.

If you’d like to be privy to the background processes and that go into the making of the SWLing Post, you can enjoy them (or ignore them!) here, simply by supporting us through Patreon. What I’ll share is raw, random, and unedited information in the form of progress reports, tips, and even partial reviews. These logs and notes happen when they happen, depending on my time availability, and are off-the-cuff and ever-evolving.

This private “behind-the-scenes” access to the SWLing Post is available to Patreon Patrons at any pledge level.

As I’ve mentioned before, if you don’t have the means to give through Patreon, no worries, friend: we’re always here for you free of charge at the SWLing Post. If you would, however, like to support the SWLing Post through Patreon with a monthly contribution, we welcome you as a Patron.  Your support helps keep the site going, and means I can do more of what I enjoy most––sharing my love of all things radio with you.

Thank you !
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6 thoughts on “Inside the Post: A new perk for Patreon Patrons

  1. grantbob

    Sounds great but I just dropped Patreon due to their new move to charge ~$1.40 for me to give someone $0.95. When you add up a bunch of $1 pledges those $0.35 fees add up to dollars quickly. I would rather change to giving those creator $12.50 a year or something via another method and see more of my money make it to the creator. Looks like I will have to set up a spreadsheet or something to try to track the folks I want to support.


    1. Thomas Post author

      Yeah–all of the online payment processing systems charge a percentage. I’m not crazy about that either. I must say, though, the Patreon at least gives me the ability to make posts and host videos and audio if I chose. Their payment processing is quite smooth too. Maybe this will become a more competitive space someday and fees will decrease.

      1. grantbob

        I’m not against charging a percentage for a transaction. If they charged me $10.40 to support 10 people that would be fine (they only charge my card once per month.. not one time for each pledge). So now it would be about $13.79 for the same pledges. And the creators aren’t getting any of that $3.79. I already went the PayPal route for SWLing Post.. it just won’t be monthly.. and you end up with a larger percentage of what I give. Keep up the great work.


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