Radio Deal: Eton Field BT $89.99 shipped

Amazon just posted an impromptu sale on the Eton Field BT–the lowest price I’ve ever seen for for a new unit: $89.99 shipped!  If you’ve been considering the Eton Field BT, you might pull the trigger now as  Amazon sales can change at any time.

Click here to view on (affiliate link)

Click here to read Troy’s review of the Field BT and comparison with the Tecsun S-8800.

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6 thoughts on “Radio Deal: Eton Field BT $89.99 shipped

  1. Chris Freitas

    Hello fellow SWLs! If anyone is curious about the Eton Field BT, I am looking to sell mine.

    It is used but still in good shape. The BT has full SW coverage, AM, FM, and Bluetooth connectivity. You can also use coax external antennas for both FM and SW and wired ones for AM. Even on the whip, it is still sensitive.

    I am basically looking at selling it for $70 to help me try to get another Tecsun PL-660 (I used to have one a few years ago). It comes with the original box and also a wall adapter.

    If anyone is interested, please let me know by emailing [email protected]

    I can also send some pictures of the radio and even link you to some of my videos so you can hear how well in performs.

  2. PT

    Got mine via an LL Bean sale together with gift cert….$50 out of pocket….love it only thing I wish is that the tuning dial was a little easier to turn

  3. Kire

    Just a heads up. I ordered one from amazon on their last 99$ special. Got it fine but it starts jumping frequencies on its own and then sticks to am. The frequency /bandswitch has problems on mine. Dumb me didnt save the receipt, so be smart and keep your receipt.
    Back to my sturdy radio shack dx 392!

  4. Jason

    Thanks for posting this. Works out to $159 AUD with my regular amazon shipping option, but I felt paying the $33 extra was worth it to get it in 2 business days 🙂 (which for me will be receiving it by Wednesday or Thursday next week, otherwise I’d have to wait until the new year)

    So I paid $193 AUD total, literally half the cost of the Tecsun S-8800, and all the videos I’ve seen so far suggest they have equal performance. Its also half the weight with the Grundig coming at 1.3kg and the Tecsun at 3kg. Amazon reviews comment the Field BT is not heavy. I’ve been considering this radio for a while and I’ll be excited to finally get it.


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