5 thoughts on “BBC News video on Soviet jamming of BBC and VOA

  1. Mark Fahey

    Great video!

    Also re “welcome to the modern world” it’s true walls are put up for “regular consumers”, but I think with effort there are work arounds for those motivated enough to access free media. There are ways to connect to the internet from just about any location in the world that doesn’t require you going through a national (that may be restrictive) telecommunications system. The options are going to massively increase over the next few years, big tech organisations that have a lot to gain from an uncontrolled access to their services are investing massively in global (rather than national) access entry points to the internet. Google, SpaceX and even Facebook (god forbid!) all have projects underway that will in time either provide or law the foundation for alternatives to the local/national ISP models.

  2. The Man in Black

    Would never happen these days, cos SW is dead.

    It’s easier to “jam” your enemy now.

    You just ensure that the countries DNS entry is deleted = no more bbc.com or voa.com gets through
    to the local proles.

    Proxy servers ?

    Just delete their entry too.

    Job done.

    Welcome to the modern world.

        1. Tom Servo

          Oh! And I forgot. There’s some jamming going on from either Somalia or Ethiopia, one of those eastern African countries. It even infects the 40 meter ham band sometimes. It sounds like the noise mentioned in the BBC video.


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