New antenna from Bonito: The MegaDipole MD300DX wideband active dipole

Many thanks to Dennis Walter at Bonito for sharing the following product announcement:

MegaDipole MD300DX wideband active dipole

The MegaDipole 300DX is a broadband active dipole with a maximum upper working frequency of 300 MHz. The dipole reacts to the electrical component (E-Field) of the electromagnetic field and will deliver best results regarding signal strength and SNR (signal -to-noise-ratio) at locations with little or no locally generated interference. Nonetheless, the receiver to be coupled to this antenna should have a high enough dynamic range so that it can effectively process the received signals.

In contrast to simple E-field antennas with only one radiating element, the symmetrical construction of the MegaDipole 300DX, will result in almost no negative resonance effects or reflections caused by the coaxial cable.

First choice for DXer

The MegaDipol MD300DX is the ideal antenna for DXers. Particularly in electrically quiet environments, it can really play to its strength in efficiently amplifying weak signals. In practical operations, a maximum signal-to-noise ratio of 110dB was achieved! (see image )


With prodigious broadband capability and constant receive characteristics the MegaDipol MD300DX is ideal for wideband receivers, SDR’s and WEB-SDR such as KiwiSDR etc. The MegaDipol MD300DX can of course also be operated on all other receivers, including lower-end SDRs and portable world receivers.

Dual Power Power Supply

The MegaDipol is nominally supplied with 10 – 15V DC (max 40mA), however, it can be operated across a wide variety of supply voltages. The antenna can even be operated with slightly reduced IP values at the same gain with only 5 volts via USB. This offers a significant advantage in that you can supply the MegaDipol on trips away from the radio shack or DX expeditions autonomously, using a low-noise USB power-bank.

The MegaDipol has already attracted a lot of attention with its receive performance at various events such as DX-Camps, field days and in-house exhibitions. In these tests, the MD300DX surpassed the existing antennas usually by 10-15dB in the SNR.

Technical data

  • Frequency range: 9kHz – 300MHz
  • IP3: typ. +30dBm (@7.00 & 7.20MHz)
  • IP2: typ. +78dBm (@7.00 & 7.20MHz)
  • Size/weight: 98 x 90 x 38mm / 0.12kg

Whats in th Box?

  • MegaDipol MD300DX
  • Power Inserter CPI 1000DP
  • 2x 2.5m long radiating elements (PVC-coated, salt-water resistant stainless steel ropes)
  • 2 insulators for installation (weatherproof plastic material with 4.5mm fixing hole)
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9 thoughts on “New antenna from Bonito: The MegaDipole MD300DX wideband active dipole

  1. mark

    Dennis from Bonito kindly sent me a sample megadipol and I’m truly impressed with it, the SNR is amazing right through the Shortwave spectrum and really helps pull out weak signals.

    I was particularly impressed to be able to pick up World Music radio on 5840 Khz all the way here in Ireland with just 100 watts in the evenings.

    It’s also quite excellent on LW/MW.

    see for yourself on my Kiwi just check out the SNR !!!

  2. Eric

    Nice review, an E-active antenna is a good choice for VLF to HF spectrum, above I guess that it works like a classical amplified dipole.
    however imho something is going wrong with the pricing.
    336€, are you kidding?
    Definitely not for me, too bad.

  3. Clint Gouveia

    The maximum quoted SNR achieved with this antenna is superb – better than my ALA1530. Like any E-field antenna it requires an electrically quiet environment for best performance – so definitely one to consider for DXpeditions.

    As most of you know, I’m a big fan of Bonito products, but make your own minds up. If you go to YouTube and search “Oxford Shortwave Log Bonito” you will find over 400 reception videos featuring the Boni Whip and MegActive MA305 antennas, coupled to numerous receivers. Also check out their excellent GI300 Galvanic Isolator which really does reduce the noise-floor in my shack considerably.

    73, CG

  4. Mark O'Byrnes

    Hi Dennis, Great to hear from you again, I missed the email but spotted it now, sincere apologies. I shall reply now.


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