WBCQ reveals organization behind their new 500 kW transmitter

In March, we mentioned that WBCQ is building a new multi-million dollar 500 kW shortwave station on their transmitting site in Monitcello, Maine. WBCQ did not mention the name of the private investor behind the construction.  Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Kim Elliott, who shares the following note:

On “Allan Weiner Worldwide”[…]Allan mentioned that World’s Last Chance in the organization behind the new 500 kW transmitter.


I was not familiar with World’s Last Chance, so over the past few days, I’ve been reading through their website.

Among many other things, they believe the Earth is flat.

With a state-of-the-art transmitting station and Ampegon rotatable array antenna, I’m sure we’ll all hear WLC on the shortwaves.

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39 thoughts on “WBCQ reveals organization behind their new 500 kW transmitter

  1. JustMe

    Well, I’m about two years too late for this thread, but I decided to comment anyway. Last night I briefly tuned into Allan Weiner Worldwide–or whatever it’s called these days–during which Allan referred to Biden/Harris as a “leftist whacko communist ticket.” Really? Biden and Harris are corporate Democrats, in other words, moderates by any stretch of the imagination, unless you’re so far out in right field that you’re not even in the ballpark. Allan also made the jaw-dropping pronouncement that the reason why “they hate Trump is because he’s not a swamp creature.” I listen to shortwave to be informed and entertained. Neither is provided by right-wing commentators and evangelical preachers, or even the sophomoric Radio New York, when Weiner also owns.

  2. Steve

    Hey. Some of you guys will bust on anything especially if you have a defeatist attitude. For some the glass is always half empty. Alan had a golden opportunity to build a powerhouse station. He loves transmitters and Alan has come a long way since to pirate station in his parents basement. He’s totally dedicated. Once a democrat now leaning conservative as well as a christian with a deep faith. The BCQ’a are a shining example of what an average guy with a love for radio and electronics can do in this country. 9.330 kicks butt. It’s programming is christian…so what ? If you’re an athiest then go listen to stern or go listen to Bro Stair on WRMI and 10 other freqs. Doesn’t matter. What does is Allan’s accomplishments on 9.330, 7.490, 5.130 and 3.250 plus an AM and an FM in Monticello Me. as well as his antique vehicle restoration business and hobby.. He’s a great guy and has a great and dedicated xyl and stop busting on his stations

  3. Blake Bosey

    It’s interesting we are still arguing about whether the world is flat or spherical in the 21st century! There are more important things like global warming that we should be arguing about and try to solve its problem.

  4. Heywood Jablome

    Allan Wiener can sell airtime to whomever he wants. WBCQ is not PBS, nor is it the VOA.
    Don’t like it? Don’t listen, then.

  5. Jay Bree

    It’s really unfortunate given all the innovative things AW has done in radio over the years, that he’d pimp himself for a fringe organization dedicated to fleecing gullible people’s money to pay for a half million watt transmitter.

    What a legacy to be remembered by: “I’ll support ANYTHING in order to get someone else to pay for my toys”

  6. Timothy Johnson

    This is GREAT!! Just because some group is funding it, would it not make sense that other groups/nations will buy airtime on this huge antenna? You go Allan Weiner. Your history with radio is amazing, and I am sure it is not over yet.

  7. Dean Bianco

    WBCQ uses the tagline “The Planet” in their ID. By definition, planets are spherical. World’s Last Chance does not believe in planets. Should Mr Weiner change the tagline to “The Plane?” 🙂

  8. K.R. Bennett

    Are they on the”heads” side or the “tails” side?

    I want to know if i can pick them up in CA on my humble random wire.

  9. Ralf

    If they really believe the earth is flat, how on earth (cough) can they sit through meetings where the propagation of the transmitter is discussed?! The transmitter and its coverage would seem to violate their own beliefs! (If, indeed, they are sincere and not cynical.)

    Still, good on Alan for getting a kick-butt xmiiter out of the deal!

    I’m off to have a beer with Elvis and JFK, see ya…

  10. John

    What a disappointment. I knew it’d be a religious group but this is just saddening. It’s such a shame that something so ridiculously false as flat earth will be propagated with 500 kW (let alone that shortwave propagation is used to defy the flat earth conjecture). With content like this, people wonder why shortwave isn’t as popular as it once was yet the answer is right here.

    1. Larry W

      I agree completely. I suppose it’s selfish of me since I don’t buy into the brand of religious broadcasts I typically hear on the shortwaves. There are some good ones out there…ones that propagate peace and mutual understanding. But more and more, it seems like these fringe “our way or the highway” types are just QRM that we have to navigate to get to the good nuggets.

      I’m not giving up on shortwave. I still enjoy it even if my favorites are the weak stations that play music programs, read the news from their countries and even pirates who have a little fun on Friday and Saturday nights.

  11. Mark

    I like all forms of information so I can make an informed decision, the established media distorts the truth. People call Alex Jones a nut but he has proved time and time again where the established Media have edited his interviews because he or someone else brought in hidden microphones into interviews and was able to play back the “real interview”

    People are burying their heads in the sand if they thinks the Likes of the BBC or CNN will inform you of the truth on everything especially if they have an agenda.

    I like Shortwave because I hear things I’d never here in Ireland with the Irish media being so obnoxiously liberal and censored, you can’t say boo but you will be sued, can’t set up a radio station unless it meets strict criteria that the Government set out. There is no such thing as free speech here.

    The US should really embrace shortwave and their free speech because the deep state wants to take it away , Google and Facebook , twitter etc are all now censoring everything, free speech is being eroded on the internet.

    Also there is nothing wrong with religious broadcasts, there is nothing wrong with preaching the Bible, organised religions have nothing to be proud of, most of these preachers do nothing wrong to people, they don’t come after you and chop your head off if you do not follow them or convert to their religion like some other religions do.

    1. DP

      I’m all for free speech. Whatever floats your boat. If Alex Jones wants to be on the air, let him!

      With that said it worries me how so many people simply take in Alex Jones on blind faith. He’s a classic Charlatan, although instead of only using fear to get people to buy into his show and his many, many products, he plays on paranoia and conspiracy.

      And I promise you. He’s laughing at his listeners all the way to the bank.

    2. Matt

      When people complain about the media being too liberal, they really mean that they’re so far to the right that the middle of the road looks left to them.

      Anyway, thanks for bringing up politics where it doesn’t belong.

    3. Carmine

      Your comments were refreshing.
      Your comments were refreshing. One post above mentioned “shortwave reaching all corners of the world.” HELLO! And what does the INTERNET do? Their commentary(s) speak volumes on how only their voices should be heard. The above narrow-minded are the real haters! All spewing the same “buzzwords” or maybe they’re Bots with a limited vocabulary? It is sad that all these basement dwellers are so poorly educated practically and in the ways of the world; they seem truly lost.

  12. John Figliozzi

    The worst aspect of the Information Age is that it allows the nutcases to find each other. At least before than they were safely ensconced under a rock where they belong.

    1. Tom Reitzel

      John, the bigoted gatekeeper of the WWLG, comes out of the closet. From the inclusion of primarily state broadcasters in the WWLG, I suspected so all along.
      Readers, is my response too harsh or is it accurate? You decide.
      John, you’re up. This issue of self-appointed gatekeepers needs to be discussed.

  13. Tom Reitzel

    Interesting … I’m looking forward to hearing the conspiratorial talk in ROBUST, i.e. 16 QAM, DRM, though. Conspiracies are a result of lying officials who hide the truth. Conspiracies are, by definition, a fact of life and are quite common.

    Even before the announcement was made, I knew the folks behind WBCQ’s project were focused on end-times scripture, because Allan stated that they wanted proof of 500 kW capability. Only an end-time group would demand the ability to reach all corners of the globe.

    Isn’t it ironic that haters of anything even remotely religious are some of the most close-minded bigots on the face of the earth. LoL

    No one is twisting your arm to listen or swallow their programming lock, stock, and barrel. 😉 I certainly won’t! 🙂

    1. KenL

      “Only an end-time group would demand the ability to reach all corners of the globe.”

      Shouldn’t it be all edges of the pie platter?

      1. RonF

        You jest – but the (serious, not satirical) flat-earthers have that covered through a combination of biblical literalism and sheer bloody-mindedness: the earth is not only flat, but square. Any reports to the contrary are the result of space-time being a closed non-Euclidian topology, our brains not being capable of comprehending God’s mysteries, and captains/pilots/astronauts being non-believers in league with the devil.

        (The line of thought for the last one is this: if any of those people were True Believers they’d be taken away when The Rapture happens, their ships would sink/crash/fall from space, and round-earth believers would be killed. So the dominant Round Earth Order – which the flat-earthers, you won’t be surprised to learn, consider to be a satanic conspiracy controlled by … ahem, “the usual suspects” – conspires to ensure only non-believers to become ships captains, airline pilots, and astronauts.)

        I wish I were kidding…

    2. Ethan Best

      “Isn’t it ironic that haters of anything even remotely religious are some of the most close-minded bigots on the face of the earth. LoL”

      Yeah, you’re right, we’re the close-minded ones. Not those flat earthers!!!!

    1. Richard Cuff

      If you read back to the first half of various movements in the first half of the 19th Century you’ll see references to a movement called the Millerites — see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millerism for a decent rundown. Check out the term “eschatology” for more on the various belief systems involved.

      That time period also saw the birth of movements including Mormonism. Also check out this Wikipedia article on the “Burned-Over District” and concept of the “Second Great Awakening”. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burned-over_district.

      Thankfully I believe most listeners are discriminating and, while they might associate broadcasts like these with “Americans”, they don’t specifically associate them with “America”.

  14. Sheldon Harvey

    American based shortwave broadcasting has become a joke. Just wonder where these wing-nuts get this kind of money. I really wonder what impression the U.S. is putting out there to the rest of the world with the plethora of fire-breathing preachers, end of times groups, and other “way out there” organization.

      1. DanH

        I did the unthinkable and listened to shortwave during prime-time TV/cable hours last evening (3 through 5 hours UTC for me). I heard Channel Africa for a while, RNZI, RHC, NHK, CRI, VOK, RRI and BBC WS. All were English language broadcasts and although last night’s band conditions weren’t as good as they were a few nights ago I heard some decent DX. During this time I briefly tuned several US shortwave broadcasters. I do mean “briefly”… like long enough to hear part of a single whacked-out syllable before rolling over the frequency.


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