BBC tribute to Paddy Feeny (1931-2018)

(Source: BBC via Mike Barraclough)

Paddy Feeny, the legendary voice of “Saturday Special” (now Sportsworld) for 36 years has sadly passed away aged 87 after a short illness. Paddy hosted the show from 1959 until his retirement back in 1995. BBC correspondent Mike Costello was a colleague of his, and remembers him with admiration as a genius, pioneer and meticulous professional.

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6 thoughts on “BBC tribute to Paddy Feeny (1931-2018)

  1. Y

    Great sports presenter. Growing up on Bangalore, india I learnt so much about so many sports. The football of course. News, background information and stories .. the man had it all. His presentation was so vivid you almost felt you were watching the sport. I remember interviewing Bobby Robson, the former England manager in 1991 I think, and I could ask him so many questions only cause I had learnt so much about the English football leagues listening to the BBC Saturday Sports Special and of course, Paddy

  2. Sushen Biswas

    Paddy Ferny was one of my favourite presenters. I was a fan of him. I grieve with his family folks at his passing away.

  3. Mark Manzello

    In my lifetime of radio listening, Paddy was the most consistently brilliant broadcaster I have ever listened to. Saturday Special on my shortwave radio was absolutely required listening. He taught me so very much about football, rugby, and so many other sports. I will never forget him and will always be eternally grateful to him.
    Rest In Peace Good and Faithful Servant.

  4. R.shanmugasundaram

    I was a big fan of PaddyFeeny from 1969 to 1985 listening to saturday special every week without missing a minute in my panasonic transistors.i was fascinated by his captivating voice and immaculate artisrtry of presentation of sports events.I wrote a letter in 1970 appreciating his presentation.he promptly replied.since i switched on tv from 1989 i was out of touch with bbc test match special and saturday special sports world.out of curiosity i searched google today PaddybFeeny .i was extremly saddened to know that Paddy is no more.I listened to his recorded voice in 1988 sports world in BBC.Oh he was simply great.There may be many commenetators but no body or anchor can match him in presenting all sports events coherently with a languid voice.My homage to him.LONG LIVE PADDY FEENY!

  5. Andy

    Gosh. I believe he also co-hosted either ‘Top of the Form’ or ‘Television Top of the Form’ with Geoffrey Wheeler in Ye Goode Olde Black & White 405 line days.


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