BBC tribute to Paddy Feeny (1931-2018)

(Source: BBC via Mike Barraclough)

Paddy Feeny, the legendary voice of “Saturday Special” (now Sportsworld) for 36 years has sadly passed away aged 87 after a short illness. Paddy hosted the show from 1959 until his retirement back in 1995. BBC correspondent Mike Costello was a colleague of his, and remembers him with admiration as a genius, pioneer and meticulous professional.

Click here to view tribute on the BBC website.

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2 thoughts on “BBC tribute to Paddy Feeny (1931-2018)

  1. Andy

    Gosh. I believe he also co-hosted either ‘Top of the Form’ or ‘Television Top of the Form’ with Geoffrey Wheeler in Ye Goode Olde Black & White 405 line days.

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