Balázs spots a number of radios in “Fear the Walking Dead”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Balázs Kovács, who discovered a number of scenes in Fear the Walking Dead that feature various radios. Balázs notes:

In the last episodes (after a hurricane) various two way radios were quite frequently used.

Thanks, Balázs! That looks like a Kenwood HF transceiver on the table. Anyone know the model? Please comment!

Of course, I’ll add this post to our ever growing archive of radios in film!

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7 thoughts on “Balázs spots a number of radios in “Fear the Walking Dead”

  1. Andrew


    it’s a Kenwood TS-830s, w/o doubt; and the mike is an astatic 878 (if I’m not wrong, I owned one of those and a “silver eagle” as well); the 830 was a quite good rig, although I still prefer the old JRC base station, someone says they were deaf but I know that with a bit of patience and some good antenna, they were anything but deaf


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