Replacement parts for Tecsun radios

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Rich (WD3C), who writes:

Was browsing the Anon-Co site the other day and noticed they are selling replacement rotary encoders for the some Tecsun models.

As I have a PL-660 with a bad encoder decided to order one and replace it. The cost was only $5.95 with free shipping and took about 6 days from Hong Kong.

With a bit of un-soldering the replacement only took about 20 minutes and now works better than new, as the original was always a bit temperamental.

Wow–thank you for pointing this out, Rich! I didn’t realize so many parts were available including knobs, encoders, antennas, back stands and battery doors–essentially, all of the parts that are prone to damage or loss.

Click here to browse Anon-Co’s catalog for radio parts.

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8 thoughts on “Replacement parts for Tecsun radios

  1. WP4OS

    “As I have a PL-660 with a bad encoder decided to order one and replace it. The cost was only $5.95 with free shipping and took about 6 days from Hong Kong.”

    cost now $6 and shipping is not free is about $12…
    to much money for it.
    i’m trying to get a replace from DigiKey or Mouser.
    anyone know the specification of it?

  2. Masudur Rahman

    I have a Tecsun PL398MP radio. But it’s all push button switch are not working. How can I resolve it. Thanks in advance.

    1. RonF

      In the parts references I have, YD2P301 is a 455kHz, 50k:500R, 680uH, 1st IF (yellow core) transformer, while the 302 you ask for below is a 455kHz 30K:500R, 680uH 2nd IF (white core) transformer.

      If that’s the case then they’re bog-standard AM transistor radio parts. Although I believe they’re no longer manufactured by the likes of Toyo, and I’m not sure if others like Xicon still exist, the’re still manufactured in the 10’s of 1000’s in China and available all over eBay, Ali*, and similar places.

      (Realistically, you can probably sub just about any generic 1st/2nd IF transformer in either position & it’ll work to some degree at least.)

      Though I have to ask – why do you need them? They rarely fail unless you fiddle with them, and most other things that will damage them (e.g. battery leaks) usually cause so much ongoing damage that the whole radio won’t be worth repairing – or last long if you do.

  3. Guy Atkins

    Anna at Anon-Co is simply top-notch when it comes to customer service. I wanted to order a couple of stock, replacement ferrite rod (MW) antennas for my Tecsun S-8800 to have on hand as I do mods and experiments. She went out of her way to contact Tecsun about the availability of these, and the factory agreed to supply them. She quickly reshipped the package to me when it arrived from Tecsun, and all at a very reasonable cost. She stayed in touch regularly with me via email throughout the process. Superb customer service all-around…I add my voice to the others who’ll tell you that Anon-Co is a highly recommended and valuable source for our hobby!


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