A free book (PDF) on sun-earth interaction

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Eric (WD8RIF), who writes:

This came in the most recent ARRL Contest newsletter:

The Sun, The Earth, and Near-Earth Space: A Guide to the Sun-Earth System by J. A. Eddy is a readable and accessible textbook that explains the dynamics of the Sun and its interaction with the Earth’s ionosphere. It’s available as a free download, courtesy of NASA and the International Living with a Star Program. Anyone using the ionosphere as a medium for radio wave transmission and wants to better understand propagation should find this book of interest. (Ward, N0AX)

Thank you for the stellar tip, Eric!

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3 thoughts on “A free book (PDF) on sun-earth interaction

  1. Caryn

    Thanks to Eric! I’m downloading this. Our daughter is working on her PhD in heliophysics; she is at NASA Goddard. She and our son-in-law are trying to fill in the science background to my lifelong DX love. NASA truly cares about outreach and education, this is another fine example.

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