Pirate Radio: FCC Enforcement focuses on small markets

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The FCC’s busting more pirates in smaller markets.

True, the Dallas office issues two Notices of Unlicensed Operation for an 87.9 in Houston, run out of New Beginnings Fellowship Church. But agents from Dallas also found a pirate FM at 93.5 up in the smallish Texas Panhandle town of Amarillo. (That one was also operated out of a church, the Iglesia Bautista Renovacion Ministerio Internacional.) The spectrum cops from Dallas also detected a 95.9 in Port Arthur, Texas. And out in California, agents from the L.A. office ventured up to Oxnard to respond to a complaint about a 99.1 operating from a business. (It was a business run by Maria Gonzalez, who gets the NOUO.) So while the traditional pirate radio hotbeds in South Florida, the New York City area and Boston get attention, there seem to be more complaints and more investigations in smaller markets. If the “PIRATE Act” that passed the House ever makes it through the Senate and is signed into law, the FCC would be required to make twice-yearly sweeps of the five most active areas for pirates. But it seems illegal FMs may simply be popping up in less-likely places. The equipment’s cheap and you might not get caught. Though one pirate in Miami got nabbed doing something novel – operating a pirate station out of a parked RV. (Sure keeps the costs down.)

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2 thoughts on “Pirate Radio: FCC Enforcement focuses on small markets

  1. Dean

    I have just moved into a small suburb south of Detroit. There are three stations fighting each other 107.9. One sounds commercial, but the capture effect alternates quickly with another that is mostly older sounding Spanish country. Then when I pull right on to my road they are overpowered for a couple of miles by a loop of a weird broadcast. It is someone pretending to have a talk show discussing legends and mixing in hints of a treasure hunt. In the end actual coordinates for a geocache are given. It seems to be a memorial of sorts but is both odd and chilling. References to Jimmy Hoffa seem to imply that the broadcaster suspects murder. He calls it a “multi-cast”, although he may just be referring to the fact that it repeats endlessly. Overall the content is a bit disjointed. The content is about this man: https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2015/03/21/missing-relative-body-found-river-firefighters-watercraft-flat-rock/25166371/ and the host is a relative.


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