Radio Romania International Listener’s Day 2018

(Source: Radio Romania International via David Iurescia)

Dear friends, on Sunday, November 4th 2018 we invite you to Listener’s Day on Radio Romania International, to tell us about the role of radio in your life

On November 1st, 2018, we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the first official radio broadcast in Romania. We are celebrating 90 years of documenting history, when radio professionals have kept the public informed, reflecting every stage of events as they occurred, from the interwar period, World War II, the post-war period, as well as the decades of communism and Cold War.

It documented the December 1989 spectacular collapse of the communist regime, then the transition to democracy in Romania. Since then, listening to the radio in itself has changed dramatically, going from the vacuum tube wireless receiver of your grandparents to radio received on a smart-phone or a smart speaker.

Radio Romania International is the voice that has been telling the story of Romania and explained events as they occurred. This year, on Listener’s Day, we would like you to share with us and all our listeners what the role of radio is in your life, and what RRI means to you.

We will be including in our programs a selection of your answers. You can send them by e-mail at [email protected], on Facebook, or using the dedicated form on our website,

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One thought on “Radio Romania International Listener’s Day 2018

  1. Steven Hayes

    I received you program in German to Europe on 9.600 at14:30 0n the 03/ 09/19 your SINPO Report is 55545. My Receiver is a DX 394 communications receiver my antenna is a active mini whip.Could you please send me some station information.
    My Address is Mr S Hayes Cheston Avenue shirley croydon CR0 8DF England.
    Regards Steven


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