Radio Deal: Eton Field BT for historically low price of $70.99

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Christian, who writes:

Hi Thomas. Amazon have dropped the price of the Field BT yet again. This time to $70.99 shipped! This is now the lowest price I’ve ever seen for the Field BT. Perhaps they’re discontinuing the model? It’s a fine radio (very sensitive) with amazing audio. I paid a bit more for mine when it was on sale but I still think it was a good price. As I always say, this is Amazon so there’s no way to know how long this price will hold. I’m considering another one as a Christmas gift.

Thank you, Christian!

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3 thoughts on “Radio Deal: Eton Field BT for historically low price of $70.99

  1. Jason

    As of today this deal is now open to Australians! Amazon has done a backflip and allowed aussies to order from Amazon US again (with 10% GST (sales tax) added on top), with it’s very cheap shipping rates.

    Including shipping to Australia, this costs $147 AUD (about $106 USD)

    Using a US-AU shipping service to bring it down here would have cost at least $60 USD for the shipping, on account of it’s almost 3kg (6 pounds) of weight. Last week this would have cost about $185 to bring to Australia.

    I already have one of these radios, not sure I need another one.


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