CDS Shortwave: An interactive audio piece from Duke CDS

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ron Chester (W6AZ), who writes:

Have you seen this site from Duke University’s Center For Documentary Studies?

Shortwave is so cool that the digital nerds are now working on reproducing it on the Internet. It’s got a great interface, authentic sounding noise between stations, a train passing by on one station, some nice music, several interesting spoken pieces and at least two undocumented stations, one a numbers station, maybe both. It even has an audio to text display rolling across the bottom. If you haven’t already posted it on the SWLing Post, I think folks there would enjoy it a lot. I certainly did!

Thank you, Ron. I love the interface and think it’s fascinating that they chose the metaphor of shortwave radio as a means of interacting with these audio pieces.

Thank you for sharing!

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