Photo shows that late President Bush kept a bedside shortwave portable

Photo by White House photographer David Valdez (Click to enlarge image)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Robert Sillett, who shares the following regarding late US President George H. W. Bush:

Firstly, thank you so much for providing such a great service to the shortwave community. Thanks so much!

I am dropping you a line because of something I noticed in the following article from the Washington Post concerning our late President Bush. If you look in the photo of President Bush (then Vice-President at the time) with his grandchildren, you can see a Sony ICF-2001 (update: Sony ICF-7600D) in the bookshelf behind him. Given its position, one can assume that he used it regularly.

[…]Here’s where I found the photo:

I agree, Robert. You can tell by the radio’s position that it wasn’t staged for the photo. I understand that President Bush was an avid reader and had a desire to be well-informed about the world around him.  No doubt, shortwave radio played a role in that.

Thank you for sharing.

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6 thoughts on “Photo shows that late President Bush kept a bedside shortwave portable

  1. Wilson Tarbuckles

    Being a former CIA agent, Bush would have known what frequencies to listen to for covert communication etc. He would have never stopped tuning in.


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