Radio Deal: Digitech AR-1780 NZ$99 and AU$89 at Jaycar

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, David Anderson, who writes:

Just to let you and and your readers know that the AR1780 has had a price drop – NZ$99 and AU$89 at Jaycar.

That is a great price for the AR-1780!  Thanks for sharing, David!

FYI: if you live in the US and want to purchase directly from Jaycar, check out this post. Click here to read our review.

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5 thoughts on “Radio Deal: Digitech AR-1780 NZ$99 and AU$89 at Jaycar

  1. James Fields

    As of 12/06/18, the US Jaycar site has it for $95.00US, with $15.00US shipping. Most of the Ebay sellers of the the AR1780 are adding huge shipping feeds, and the XHDATA D-808 is running about the same or a little more with shipping. For those that are not aware, the two radios are mostly identical. Case and button styles are a bit different. The D-808 comes with a Lithium Ion battery, charging cable, soft case, etc. The AR1780 comes with no accessories at all but uses AA batteries if that’s important to you. With the accessories the D-808 is a better “deal”, but for what it’s worth I prefer the buttons on the AR1780.

  2. adi

    It took Jaycar more than two weeks to answer my E-mail, last time the hipe was on the AR-178O, to see if they will ship it to Israel.
    I did not wait that long I ordered the D808 instead, it was cheeper and faster.

  3. Neil D Goldstein

    As it turns out they would NOT sell it to me at the special price and ship it to the US. I was told it was only for AU and NZ customers. I was referred to the US site which has it at full price + shipping.

    Oh Well

    1. Peter Wilson

      CCRadio-SWP and Redsun RP300 are the same as the Digitech AR1733.
      If you are in the USA the CCRadio-SWP might work out cheaper.


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