RCA Transmitter Window Contest: We have a winner!

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Over the past five weeks, we’ve been promoting our contest to win an authentic Woofferton RCA Transmitter window that has been generously donated by our long-time friend and contributor, Dave Porter (G4OYX).

We are pleased to announce our winner: Kenneth Kopp (AK0A)

Congratulations, Kenneth!

Kenneth correctly answered at least one of the Wooferton Transmitting station questions we’ve posted over the past five weeks. His entry was picked at random.

RCA Window from MI-7330

In case you were wondering, here are the original questions and answers:

Question 1:What was the operating frequency range of the six original RCA 50 kW MI 7330 transmitters?
Answer: 5.9 to 22 MHz

Question 2: What was the BBC code name for the site from the 1944 build to about 1961? Answer: OSE 10 or Overseas Station Extension 10

Question 3: Besides the current HF services from the site what other broadcast services are radiated?
Answer: BBC Hereford and Worcester MF Local Radio on 1584 kHz and Sunshine Radio on 105.9 MHz FM

Question 4: Who is the present owner / operator of the site?
Answer: Encompass Media

Question 5: The Woofferton site straddles two English counties, what are they?
Answer: Herefordshire and Shropshire

Of course, Dave and I looked over all of the entries and accepted any answer variation that was essentially correct.

We had a total of 318 entries from SWLing Post readers–a fantastic turn-out for a contest that often required serious research!

Thank you once again, Dave, for donating this brilliant piece of shortwave broadcasting history! And congratulations, Kenneth–I’m sure that RCA window will look amazing in your radio shack!

Post readers: We’re plotting a number of contests over the next year to celebrate 10 years of the SWLing Post! There will be other amazing prizes involved! Stay tuned!

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