Robert discovers radio station lucite artifacts

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Robert Yowell, who writes:

I walked into an awesome store today in Manhattan which specializes in vintage radios and ephemera. He had these two small lucite paperweights which I bought – one from KDKA the other from WOWO – two historic AM stations. The WOWO one contains a piece of the “world famous fire escape” [see above] which was from the original studio building on Washington Blvd in Ft Wayne Indiana.

The other lucite is a mystery that I hope your readers might help with. It was issued in 1995 for the 75th anniversary of KDKA. It appears to be a silver disc sandwiched with something orange colored in the center. Could it be from the transmitter site? I have attached photos here.

Thanks so much for maintaining such a great Blog site for SWL and other radio listeners ! I hope someone out there can help with my question – thank you!

A few hours later, Robert wrote this follow-up message:

Thomas – I just found the answer to my question. I now own a piece of the original KDKA transmitter tower!

What a great piece of history you have there, Robert.  Both WOWO and KDKA are legendary! Thanks for sharing!

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8 thoughts on “Robert discovers radio station lucite artifacts

  1. Robert

    Yes indeed that is the place where I found them- Waves on 25th St. inside the Antique Mall. The guy has lots of neat ephemera besides lots of neat radios!

  2. Bob

    I purchased one of the KDKA ones when they were first on sale. I believe that the proceeds went to the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital. It was gathering dust so two years ago I donated it to the Radio Club of America for auction with the proceeds going to their Youth program.

  3. Doug

    Yeah, I have one of the KDKA ones. Probably heard about it back then from an antique radio or AM DX newsletter. It’s one of the two items I have from the early-mid 90s that really take me back, the other being a QSL from the KTRK military transmitter tests.


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