Adam spots a Racal RA17 in Johnny Mnemonic

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Adam Sampson, who writes:

One for your “radios in movies” collection: in “Johnny Mnemonic” (1995),
there’s a Racal RA17 in one of the racks in the Lo-Teks’ headquarters.

There’s also a Rohde and Schwarz SMDF/SMDA RF signal generator in the
next rack which plays a pivotal role in the final scene…

Great catch, Adam! Thank you for sharing!

I’ll add this post to our archive of radios in film.

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1 thought on “Adam spots a Racal RA17 in Johnny Mnemonic

  1. Justin P Moore KE8COY

    I love this movie. In fact I had a DVD copy of it sitting on the desk of my QTH, as I was going to sample a few bits of dialog from it for a project. Where else do you get to see Henry Rollins play in a script by William Gibson? What’s not to love?


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