Eton/Grundig Satellit: Michael seeks advice on enabling DAB reception

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Michael Meyer, who writes:

Hi Thomas.

I have a question regarding the Eton Grundig Satellit’s DAB function – or rather: It’s missing DAB function.

The Eton Grundig Satellit was reviewed in WRTH 2016 by John Nelson, demonstrating its capability of receiving DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast in Europe – some politicians want to shut down FM-band and replace it with DAB only). Since I live in Denmark, where DAB+ is widely implemented as a supplement of FM broadcasts, I do find this function unique, since it must be the only shortwave radio with DAB on the marked.

The SWLing Post have had some reviews as well as a link to, which tempted me to buy the “Executive Edition” at an attractive price. It arrived in early December 2018, and I am happy with most of the features of this radio. Good audio, sensitive and a nice size for a portable. I do agree with other reviewers regarding the mediocre sync-function, but I got truly surprised regarding the selectivity on shortwave, which on my model is poor! Strong broadcasters can easily be tuned 5 kHz away from their “true” frequency – even when putting bandwith to 3 kHz, there is not much difference in audio on VOA on 15580 kHz tuning to 15575 nor 15585 kHz. But when tuned, reception is stable and audio is good. Another very weird issue is the “double-click” feature, where first press on any button activates the light only – and the user has to press again to actually activate button function!

But now to the main reason for me writing this: How does the user activate DAB? I wrote to WRTH to get their opinion on this – I paste in my correspondence with them (I have got their permission to do so in writing you):

Dear Mr Meyer,

The version we were sent for review had a DAB+ function. Several readers
have since written to say they could not find the function despite the fact
that it is shown in the display. We have raised this matter with Eton but
have not received an answer. We may be wrong but our impression is that the
company did not apply for CE approval and as a result never implemented the
DAB function in the production models. The FCC approved versions of the
receiver of course would not require DAB.

It might be worth putting the question on the DX chat groups and see if
someone has found a solution.

Kind regards,


Very good question, Michael. Frankly, I had forgotten that the EU version of the Satellit had a DAB function although I do recall the WRTH review.

Post Readers: Do you have any insight? Have you successfully used the EU version of the Satellit to listen to DAB broadcasts? Please comment!

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7 thoughts on “Eton/Grundig Satellit: Michael seeks advice on enabling DAB reception

  1. Sharad

    I sent an e mail to asking “How to use DAB+” as I wanted to order Eton Elite Executive and be sure about the DAB. The specifications on the manufacturer’s website mentions Frequency Range DAB International 174,228 – 239,200 MHz and NONE in US/CAN/MX.

    I received an answer
    “You would normally tune into the station you like. If available overseas you can get DAB+ stations.”

    Is it really that simple? If yes, why did not the manufacturer explain it in user manual/operating instructions, any where.

    It is hard to believe. Can somebody tell more about it?

    1. Michel Levesque

      Le DAB+ est disponible uniquement sur la version internationale. Non disponible sur les versions US/CAN/MEX

  2. Mike S

    Expanding on my earlier response, now that I find my old emails:

    Eton had issued a press release for the 2015 US Consumer Electronics Show, which announced the (then new) Traveller III. There was mention of a European version which included DAB+. I emailed Etoncoyp about it and the chief operating officer responded that the advertised version was designed but not released for production. Reading between the lines they were waiting to see how well the North American version sold before investing in a production line for a separate European model, Apparently that never happened.

    1. Michael Meyer

      Hi Mike and Tudor.

      Thanks for replying!

      You are most likely right about no European version of the Satellit. I just wonder if DAB function could be hidden somewhere in the software, since I suppose the DSP chip is the same for pre-production as well as production units. Like the hidden features in Tecsun pl-880.

      Best regards, Michael

  3. Tudor Vedeanu

    I don’t think there is an “EU” version of the Eton Satellit. I bought both my units from, shipped from the US.

  4. Mike S

    Eton never really embraced DAB+.

    As far as I could tell, the Sound102 (a small tabletop radio) is the only such production model that ever reached wide distribution.

    A couple of years ago I had asked Eton USA about advertising flyers indicating DAB+ function on popular portable models, and they told me that they had abandoned it. (I was looking for a travel radio, powered by AA cells, which covered at least AM/FM/DAB+).


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