Can you ID the radio in this Andy Griffith Show episode?

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Andrew Webber, who writes:

Does anyone know what kind of shortwave this is that appears in this episode of The Andy Griffith Show from the Sixth Season entitled “The Gypsies’. The Gypsies put a curse on the town of Mayberry and use the radio to magically predict rain within 72 hours by listening to weather reports from Greenland. The final scene is hilarious when Andy and Goober are listening to the radio and Andy takes the back cover off of the radio, only to discover the radio is just an empty case.

Thanks for sharing, Andrew. Can anyone ID this radio? Please comment!

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14 thoughts on “Can you ID the radio in this Andy Griffith Show episode?

  1. Tracy K Wood

    I am a SX-110 owner … a vintage 1962 unit that for a single conversion radio is quite nice. Indeed we cannot really decipher this one.. Why? Because Hollywood prop departments love to modify gear so actors can hold the items more easily or reduce the lighting glare from kbobs and meters. Those techs will even make things appear more radio-like. Test Case: The Packard-Bell AM radio used on Gilligan’s Island did not come with a whip antenna. That was the Prop Department’s handy work.


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