8 thoughts on “FCC Enforcement Actions Against Pirate Radio by Location

  1. David Harden

    The Miami area has always been a hotbed of pirate radio. Part of the problem may be that the legal stations to not cater to all the ethnic groups thers.

  2. Stu Cozza

    Somebody must still be BH over the end of “Net Neutrality”… the obvious talking point verifies this.

  3. Eddie Walden

    Pirate radio is filling a need that the Big Boys do not want to cover. The corporations are only in it for the money. They only want to sell advertising.
    The FCC is going after the Pirates because Ajit Pai is in Big Boys pocket. I really believe that this guy is dirty.

    1. Laurence N.

      And the pirates never sell advertising? I don’t have a problem with some pirate operations, where they tried to get a valid license, were not able due to some regulation or other (I’m not familiar with the American licensing regulations, so am speaking generally), and offer some type of benefit. However, there are many pirates who set up, sell advertising through methods of dubious ethics, and use the outlet for their own gain without showing respect to others. They disrespect people whose music they play without permission. They disrespect listeners by interfering with other signals (those pirates who don’t take the time to check whether there is someone else nearby them on the dial are particularly odious). They disrespect people in general when they use their newfound voice to shout a message that nobody needs to hear; I.E. the people who broadcast their own speeches and long strings of ads rather than something designed for community enjoyment. Again, these complaints don’t apply to all pirates. I am certain that there are pirate stations out there that have others’ interests in mind and are restricted through government failings, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who found a transmitter is so exonerated.

  4. Mario

    Thanks. Wonder why FL, NJ and NY have so many pirate radio busts? High density population? More commercial FM stations resulting in more complaints?

    1. rtc

      You’re right,it’s probably high density population.
      There are various ethnic groups in those areas who
      wish to reach their members with their political or
      religious message.
      Many seem to believe that it’s OK,after all you can
      buy the tx equipment on Ebay or Amazon and if it
      were illegal the gov’t would have banned it.
      Wrong…dead wrong.

      1. DanH

        Wow, Florida leads the nation in pirate radio busts. It must be all of those retired boomers from NY and NJ with their Pink Floyd LPs.

        1. charles

          but if you zoom in, ALL 95 cases and nearly $200k are in one single location…. obviously some targeted enforcement of one person.


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