Mesh cages to shield noisy power supplies

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, TomL, who writes:

Hi Thomas,

Stumbled onto this article while on the RTL-SDR website. Talks about shielding noisy power supplies inside a homemade wire mesh cage. It might be interesting as a weekend project. I wonder if a noisy laptop could be put inside one of these things, too?

Thanks for the tip, Tom! As this author states, it looks like it’s well worth the time and the wear and tear on your fingers to build one of this mesh cages.

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2 thoughts on “Mesh cages to shield noisy power supplies

  1. Jason

    Interesting example of “perfection is the enemy of good-enough.” Most wouldn’t even bother because it shouldn’t work very well (without proper grounding of cable shields and choking, the power leads should radiate all that hash as soon as they exit the rough Faraday cage). But, if it measurably reduces band noise at minimal cost and effort, why not??


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