A Panasonic RF-2200 in “The Walking Dead”

Panasonic RF-2200

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Balázs, who adds the following note to his recent radio sighting (of a Hallicrafters HT-32 Transmitter) in the series “The Walking Dead.

Balázs notes that in the season nine finale, he spotted the previously mentioned HT-32 (see image below), in addition to the iconic Panasonic RF-2200 (see image above).

Hallicrafters HT-32 Transmitter

Honestly, I think both of these radios would serve you well in a post-apocalyptic world!

Turns out, The Walking Dead is filmed in Senoia, and Fayetteville, Georgia, USA and SWLing Post contributor, Steve Yothment, lives nearby. As the then president of his radio club, he was consulted last year about radio gear to use on The Walking Dead set. He tells us to look out for an HF amplifier and field strength meter in future episodes! How cool is that?!

I’ll add this post to our ever growing archive of radios in film!

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2 thoughts on “A Panasonic RF-2200 in “The Walking Dead”

  1. joe smith

    I’m impressed that anyone connected to these programs even knows what a shortwave radio is!

    The Panasonic RF-2200 is really the icon of contemporary height of shortwave listening era in the 70s and 80s! If you wanted the best affordable portable and easily obtainable this was the one you bought.

  2. Mario

    I have a Panasonic ‘2200 so I’m ready for any zombie alerts hi hi. Thanks for the post, glad these vintage radios are being shown some respect in the flicks.


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