Radio Republik Indonesia plans to purchase DRM-capable MW transmitters

(Source: Radio World via Michael Bird)

Radio Republik Indonesia has revealed that it plans to purchase four DRM-capable medium-wave transmitters. The public radio broadcaster says it intends to use the first pair to reach populated areas of the Southeast Asian archipelago, and the second pair for emergency warning in west Sumatra and West Java.

Freddy Ndolu, member of the RRI supervisory board, made the announcement during the Digital Radio Mondiale general assembly, which took place in March. RRI joined the DRM consortium in 2015.[…]

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One thought on “Radio Republik Indonesia plans to purchase DRM-capable MW transmitters

  1. RonF

    Is it even possible to buy an AM transmitter these days that isn’t “DRM-capable”? As far as I know, every current model from every manufacturer is, and most have been for at least a decade.

    Which makes it a pretty meaningless term when it comes to gauging DRM’s acceptance. I’d bet that if you went back through all the press releases/statements from the DRM Consortium & broadcasters, adding up the number of “DRM-capable” transmitter purchases that were announced, you’d find a vast majority by far have never been used for anything more than DRM ‘trials’ and now operate as AM-only.


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