Google Nest Hub and other devices on sale

Chris’ Google Nest Hub tuned to AWR Wavescan’s Internet stream

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Chris Freitas, who writes:

I wanted to let you know that Google has been doing a sale on some of their devices.

The Google Home Mini is on sale for $25 right now. Also the Google Nest Hub, basically a tablet slab on a speaker, is also on sale too for $79. It has much of the same functionality as the Mini but you can also cast video to it.

The link to the Nest Hub is The link to the Home Mini You can also find this sale thru many retailers like Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and Home Depot.

I impulse bought the Nest Hub and it is a pretty awesome tool in the kitchen/living room of my apartment. I am going to put it thru some tests but it works well with streaming media.

Thanks for the tip, Chris!

So I’ll confess that I, too, just grabbed one of the Nest Hub devices. Your photo sold it, with the image of AWR Wavescan! (Enabler!)

I like the idea of a touch screen device that can also accept voice commands. That might make for a very usable and adaptable WiFi radio.

Of course, there’s the creepiness factor of any voice command personal assistant devices, but then again any smart phone has all of the same functionality.

I’ll certainly post a short review noting how well the Nest Hub might perform as an Internet/WiFi radio device.

Anyone else using the Nest Hub as a WiFi radio?  Please comment!

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6 thoughts on “Google Nest Hub and other devices on sale

  1. JD

    I already have several Amazon Echo devices, so I don’t need another streaming device, but I did add the AVR Wavescan podcast to my podcast app (Podcast Addict on the Google Play Store). Thanks for the tip!

  2. Brian

    First time reply, long-time reader. I am looking for my shortwave history stories I wrote a while back but wanted you to know that Universal and Amazon are listing new SW radios in the “Elite” series beyond the two already mentioned. No need to publish this. BTW, Vlado fixed my much-loved but very old AR2700, my first real radio, thanks to your recommendation. Thanks for a great website!

    1. Thomas Post author

      Vlado is amazing, isn’t he? Yes, thanks for mentioning the Elite series–I have been meaning to make a quick post about this, but have been so busy it just didn’t make it. 🙂 Those units look more like a design refresh. I imagine, internally, they’re similar.

      Glad you enjoy the post!


  3. Larry Thompson

    I have the Amazon Echo Dot. I very successfully for it for wifi radio, using the TuneIn Radio app. I have it connected to a Tivoli Audio Radio One receiver for outstanding sound. While listening to my Tecsun PL-880, I can ask Alexa what stations are broadcasting on a certain frequency by opening the shortwave frequency guide: Shortwave Signals.

    At first I thought the Echo Dot was pretty much a toy, but I’ve got used to using it and am enjoying the hands free help.


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