Test the Bonito MegaLoop FX and MegaDipol live on the air

Many thanks to Dennis Walter with Bonito, who shares the following for anyone interested in the Megaloop FX or MegaDipol::

If anyone like to test the MegaLoop FX live on the air, you can do it here:


The MegaDipol can be tested on the same location here:


The location of both KiwiSDR receivers is Carlow, Ireland. Both receivers exhibit excellent low noise characteristics.

Indeed, as I publish this post I’m listening to near perfect copy of Radio France International–using the MegaDipol–on 17850 kHz as they report the results of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. (Congratulations team USA!)

Thanks for sharing these links, Dennis!

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5 thoughts on “Test the Bonito MegaLoop FX and MegaDipol live on the air

  1. S R Hill


    Thanks for making this http://emeraldsdr.ddns.net:8073/ available.
    I understand the antenna was the Bonito MegaLoop FX, but could not find out what the receiver being used was. I was hunting around for NDBs and Navtex which showed good results but would would very much like to know what the receiver was that is connected to the KiwiSDR is please.

    Thanks & regards

  2. Waldo Rethemias

    Hi there.
    Thanks for placing the SDR + antennas at our disposal to do comparisons.
    Really amazed at the performance (pity the MegaLoopFX is down, hope will be operational soon)
    Former Merchant Marine R/O I live now in Buenos Aires with awful interference (MW band is a chaos) and very strong noise levels. Planning to purchase one and that is where you enter the equation! Guess that the MegaDipolFX is the one for me. But for the time being could you kindly let me know in what configuration the antennas are installed? AGL height, pointing direction, distance from noise sources. The aerial photos show that your place is surrounded by meadows in the countryside. Ham Radio License from Uruguay where I will move back when retired. Thanks indeed for the good work and dedication.

  3. Edward

    Interesting low noise location. Has compact florescent lamps been banned there? At first, I thought the antennas were disconnected until I tuned a station.

    1. Mark

      I am owner of the Emerald SDR’s in Ireland.

      The Bonitos are great Antennas and I love them, I always get complimented with my reception. I would never part with them. I also have the Bonito MA305 Whip which is also fantastic for it’s tiny size. They can also be powered from 5 volt USB power which is very convenient.

      If using with an SDR the computer can cause a lot of noise and will most likely need to have the USB cable wound around a Ferrite core. Also if using SDR a Linear PSU is essential. I am powering the Kiwi’s with Linear PSU’s, this makes a major difference to noise. Switch mode power is not a good idea with SDR/Kiwi.

      Unfortunately I have some intermittent QRM from the power grid and I need to get this sorted, the power company contacted me but I want to be reasonably sure I got the correct source before they come out.

      I live in the country which also helps with reduced noise and the antennas are mounted outside.

      Happy Listening ! 🙂

  4. Andrew

    Gave both receivers (antennas) a spin, and they work just fine, then maybe I’m just an old fart, but the cheap, self made activeloop and activewhip antennas, from Charles Wenzel’s design


    fit my receiving needs well, and while one will have to build them and solder stuff, they’re easy to build and, in my experience, offer surprisingly good (if not outstanding) performances for such small and cheap antennas; in my case the whip is the antenna to go for quickly checking the bands on the sdr waterfall, then, to pick up signals, just switch to the tuned activeloop and let it do its magic 🙂


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