1963 Film features the Rugby Radio Station

(Source: Southgate ARC)

Rugby was not a conventional radio station but a communications hub transmitting radio telephony, including the now obsolete telex service that later gave way to fax

The 800 ft high masts had been a landmark since the 1920s and, as reporter David Rees finds out, maintaining them is tough, particularly during the coldest winter of the twentieth century. As one rigger says, “The wind doesn’t have time to go round you, it goes straight through you.”

Eighty years of broadcasting history came to an end when Rugby Radio Station was closed in 2007.

Watch the 1963 Rugby Radio Station at

Rugby Radio Station

Post Readers: Please note that this film is a region-blocked video and only viewable in the UK. If one were to know such things, a way to circumvent this would be to watch it using a VPN located in the UK. 🙂

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