“Direkt aus Tamsui“ 2019 broadcast schedule

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, G. Koopal, who shares the following analog and DRM broadcast schedule for “Direkt aus Tamsui“ (“Direct from Tamsui”).

Aktion “Direkt aus Tamsui“ 2019

Testsendungen am 16. August (Freitag)


Frequenz 11990 kHz (325): 17:00-17:05 UTC
Frequenz 9540 kHz(315):  18:00-18:05 UTC


Frequenz 11990 kHz:  17:15-17:20 UTC
Frequenz 9540 kHz:   18:15-18:20 UTC

Offizielle Sendetermine:

11990 kHz  1700-1800 UTC
9540 kHz   1800-1900 UTC

30. August (Freitag) / analog
31. August (Samstag) / analog
01. September (Sonntag) / DRM
06. September (Freitag) / analog
07. September (Samstag) / analog
08. September (Sonntag) / analog
13. September (Freitag) / analog (Mondfest)
14. September (Samstag) / analog
15. September (Sonntag) / DRM
20. September (Freitag) / analog
21. September (Samstag) / analog
22. September (Sonntag) / analog

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4 thoughts on ““Direkt aus Tamsui“ 2019 broadcast schedule

  1. Keith Perron

    Basically its one of those things, which happen in government organizations. Before the annual budget ends spend what money is left as if there is anything left over before start of the new budget. You could get a budget reduction. With RTI the new budget starts every January 1st.

    Also a few months ago a couple of people from the DRM Consortium were in Taiwan trying to convince the government appointed director that DRM is the “future” of broadcasting. Considering this persons background is from an industry to far away from broadcasting. They don’t really have much of an idea of anything. Or as to quote a friend from the technical department “????”. There is no English translation, but directly is means someone who has water leaking from their brain.

  2. Frank

    I think they are German 1-hour test broadcasts from Radio Taiwan International, now directly from Taiwan.
    (A few months ago, the Europe-relayed RTI-1-hour German programs were cut to 30 minute each day.)
    So this normal-length broadcasting directly from Taiwan is a welcomed gift 🙂

    1. Michael Meyer

      And certainly not aimed for Europe, though in german language! Its audible here, but weak and a little noisy.

      Keith, what’s the whole point of this broadcast, given you might have some insight information (if you know, of course)?

      Best regards from DK


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