The SDRplay RSP1 just turned five years old

Yesterday, @SDRplay noted on Twitter:

It’s 5 years ago today we sold the very first blue and white RSP to someone in Sweden – many thanks to all our customers over the 5 years

Perhaps it’s just because I’m getting older, but it’s hard to believe it’s been five years!

The little RSP1 really disrupted the SDR world. Up to 2014, there were few sub $150 SDRs that included HF reception natively. There were even fewer sub $150 SDRs that I would consider “enthusiast grade”–those that were sensitive, selective, and not prone to overload.

When I initially tested the RSP1 it pretty much blew my mind. I was so impressed by the performance for the price point.

Looking back at my original review, I see that I had a long list of “pros” and only three “cons.” In fact, two of the three “cons” I listed are no longer valid (multi-channel recordings are now an option and SDRplay has their own OEM application, SDRuno).

SDRplay has demonstrated iterative agility with each new product offering and built an impressive community in five years. They have also maintained their position as a price leader even though their products are all designed and manufactured in the UK.

Congratulations, SDRplay! Happy Birthday to the RSP1! Click here to check out SDRplay.

Click here to read my original SRDplay RSP1 review.

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3 thoughts on “The SDRplay RSP1 just turned five years old

  1. David D

    Happy Birthday!

    I purchased an SDRPlay RSP1A at the 2019 Dayton Hamvention and love it! I’m a Mac user and it works very well with Cubic SDR. I recently learned the are porting SDR Uno to Mac and Linux, so I can hardly wait to get that software.

    I’m using a 44 foot 20m/40m dipole in my attic (Live in an HOA Restricted neighborhhood) and reception is wonderful. Great product!

  2. Jeffrey A. Linardi

    Would love to learn more.
    My son is an SWL Enthusiast; on a limited budget. Is this unit still available, or is there a next generation? Is it operation- friendly, and what additional equipment is necessary?
    Appreciate all your help!
    73 Jeffrey K8SNR

  3. 13dka

    Happy Birthday RSP! 🙂 It was my first “proper” SDR and it blew my mind too, it opened a whole new world of radio adventures (e.g. zombie satellite hunting or daytime meteor detection) for me, waterfall displays made me understand the medium and what’s going on there much better and it felt great to survey whole bands even when I’m not at home. There was never so much radio fun in such a small package, at such a small price!


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