EDXC conference featured on Andorra TV

The EDXC conference was held in Andorra this year and I wish I could have attended. When I lived in Europe, Andorra was one of those destinations always on my bucket list in no small part due to my affinity for Radio Andorra.

EDXC attendees–many are regulars here on the SWLing Post–were treated to a hands-on tour of RTVA and even featured in the news. Check out the following video:

Click here to watch the video at the RTVA website.

Hat tip to Kim Elliott for sharing this!

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2 thoughts on “EDXC conference featured on Andorra TV

  1. Chrissy Brand

    Yes, it was a great tour of RTVA and we were pleasantly surprised to be interviewed. In Catalan, French, Spanish and English.

    The rest of the 52nd EDXC conference went well too, watch out for reports at the EDXC website in a couple of weeks. And check our EDXC Facebook page which has conference photos on. Plus Twitter @DXCouncil

    Hope to see some SWL Post readers at EDXC 2020. Venue and date will be decided by a members’ vote later this year.

    Chrissy Brand
    Secretary-General EDXC



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