eBay: Sony CRF-V21 approaching record price

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who notes that a Sony CRF-V21, which is essentially “new in box” is approaching a record price with active bidding on eBay.  At time of posting, the price is $6,988.00 CDN. How high will it go? We will soon know. Bidding ends at 20:30 EDT (00:30 UTC).

Click here to view the Sony CRF-V21 on eBay.

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11 thoughts on “eBay: Sony CRF-V21 approaching record price

  1. Ekko

    Hi, I now own a Sony CRF-V21 which I inherited from my father.

    I’m stunned to discover the resell price for this kit. Can anyone share a link or explain what’s so special about it?

    I’ll probably put it up for auction, but would love to learn more about it first.

    Help much appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Mario

    Best part is the last 60 seconds of an auction, that’s when it really goes up in price. Thanks for the heads up Dan and Thomas.

  3. RonF

    Well that escalated quickly – C$8,000!

    As a radio it’s probably not worth it, even with the built-in panadaptor – but the RTTY and RadioFAX decoding/printing certainly bumps it up into a different collectable category.

  4. Daniel Robinson

    It should be noted that there are potential condition issues with this radio. The seller, who said he was selling it for a family member, acknowledged that it had been powered up before and seemed to be working OK. V21s almost always require complete capacitor replacement, even if they are barely used.

    1. Gordon K Seifert

      That makes me feel so much better about splurging on an FRG-100! I Will add BHI noise reduction and still feel like it was a gift.


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