Eifeler Radiotage to broadcast from Cold War bunker

Photo source: Eifeler Radiotage

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Gérard Koopal, who writes:

This might be interesting for your followers in Europe and especially for those living in or nearby Germany.

On the 9th and 10th of November, the Eifeler Radiotage are to start transmitting in German from a Cold War bunker in Germany. There is also a possibility to visit the location (Kall Krekel). Below is a link to their homepage where you can also find a few videos from the Cold War radio room which is still functional and in use.


Thanks for the tip, Gérard!

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2 thoughts on “Eifeler Radiotage to broadcast from Cold War bunker

  1. Christian Milling

    It’s not quite right what’s written in the article. You can visit the bunker site in Kall-Urft, where the studio is located from which will be broadcasted. There will be 3 guided tours à 2 hours through the bunker on that weekend.
    Visiting the transmission site in Kall-Krekel where the shortwave and FM transmitters are located is not possible for the public.


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