Hungary conducts low-power DRM tests

Budapest, Hungary (Photo by @DNovac)

(Source: Radio World via Michael Bird)

BUDAPEST, Hungary — Digital Radio Mondiale transmissions began from Budapest, Hungary, last June. Although two Hungarian broadcasters previously tested DRM on medium wave, the transmissions are the country’s first DRM trials on shortwave.

The Department of Broadcast Info-Communications and Electronic Theory at the Budapest University of Technology is conducting these latest trials. Csaba Szombathy, head of the broadcasting laboratory, is also head of the project, which will last for at least 12 months.

While the 11-meter 26,060 kHz frequency is well known for use in local broadcasting, it’s rarely implemented for international broadcasting. […] Researchers have also performed tests in this frequency to measure coverage and determine optimal mode and bandwidth on various occasions in Mexico and Brazil. The new Hungarian trials will add to this research.

Szombathy initially operated the transmitter with just 10 W of power into a 5/8-inch vertical monopole. Radio Maria, a Catholic station, is providing a 25-hour program loop, while a Dream DRM software-based encoder broadcasts the signal using AAC encoding. In spite of the low power, the program was reportedly received in the Netherlands.

In early September, Szombathy moved the antenna and transmitter to a slightly different location to improve coverage. He increased the power to 100 W.[…]

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6 thoughts on “Hungary conducts low-power DRM tests

  1. Keith Perron

    I have to laugh. The technology has been around for more than 20 years, but all you hear about are tests. DRM could have been successful, but other technologies have passed it.

    1. Alan Hughes

      There is a lot on this site already, just search DRM.
      To put it in a nutshell;
      The FCC and NAB have never done a side by side test of DRM vs HD Radio in the AM band or DRM+ vs HD radio on the FM band.
      There is enough spectrum available on the virtually deserted old analog TV channels 2 – 6 to accommodate all AM and FM broadcasters using DRM+ at better quality than HD radio.
      The FCC is looking at allowing AM broadcasters to switch off AM and transmit HD radio instead. This will not be received on non HD radios.


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