Photos from the Radiofreunde NRW DXpedition

All Photos by Radiofreunde NRW member Tom Kamp

After recently checking out a number of photos on the Radiofreunde NRW Facebook page, I asked if a member of this group could give me a little more detail about their DXpeditions. Many thanks to Joachim Geisau who writes:

Radiofreunde NRW is an independent association of SWL, radio amateurs and technology enthusiasts. We meet 2-3 times a year for a few days in a rural area far away from urban noise to listen to radio broadcasts from the most distant countries.

Normally we set up several large antennas, mostly 8-10 different ones, both active and passive.

The antenna setup consisted of:
– two magnetic loops with 1m diameter
– two wire loops with 20 m size
– one beverage antenna 80 mtrs length
– another beverage antenna 240 mtrs length
– a PA0RDT mini whip antenna
– a DL4ZAO UniWhip antenna

Their signals are distributed via a self-made distribution unit. A total of about 6-800 m of coax cable is used. This makes broadcasts audible from distances more than 10,000 km.

Wow!  Thank you, Joachim for the information and many thanks to Tom Kamp for the photos!

That antenna farm is most impressive and I love seeing all of the Stampfl radio equipment at the DXpedition.

Post readers: If you’re interested in Radiofreunde NRW’s events, you can contact them via their email address: [email protected] They’re a multi-lingual group and can accommodate German, English, French, and Dutch!

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10 thoughts on “Photos from the Radiofreunde NRW DXpedition

  1. Christof Proft

    The blue “RF Shark” rx is a kit from Heinz Stampfl, HB9KOC from Switzerland.
    The rx is easy to build with a very detailed instruction.
    It’s a double conversion receiver with two ceramic Filers 9 kHz and 6 kHz for am ans smaller SSB filters.
    For DX in AM I used an elad converter from 10,7 MHz IF to 12 kHz and the well known DREAM software for analogue and DRM reception. Works fine wirt variable bandwiths, DRM receptien is very stable also.

  2. Scott Gamble

    Thanks for sharing this. I have been a fan of this group for years, and would love to do something like this on our side of the Atlantic.

    The planning and organization they put into the effort is impressive, and the idea of spending a couple of days away from home and work in a radio quiet environment sounds amazing.

    1. Joachim

      Hi Scott, come to this side of the Atlantic – we still have one listener place free on our next DX camp 10-15 Jan 2020.
      Vy 73, Joachim


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