ABC’s review of shortwave broadcasting released

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Michael Bird, who shares a link to RadioInfo that summarizes the recently-released “Review of Australian Broadcasting Services in the Asia Pacific” by the ABC. Micheal notes:

So what do we take from this report? No recommendations. The status quo continues although there were many respondents who would favour [shortwave radio’s] return:

“There are no formal recommendations for action, only a finding that the Government “clarify the objectives of its Asia Pacific broadcasts… in achieving Australia’s broader strategic policy objectives, as well as the target audiences for those broadcasts.”

Click here to read the full article at RadioInfo.

Click here to download the full report [PDF].

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3 thoughts on “ABC’s review of shortwave broadcasting released

  1. Mangosman

    What the posters forget is is yet to report. Once the recommended to the Minister for Communications, it would then have to go to parliament, particularly if there is a change to DAB+/DRM.

    Remember that the Australian Bureau of Statistics says that there is 470,000 Australians in remote Australia.
    Whilst these people can listen to ABC/SBS and a couple of religious and aboriginal broadcaster (no commercial) whilst at home on a VAST Satellite TV receiver or via low powered FM transmitters in villages. As soon as they drive or boat away they have no Australian radio at all. Thus these people cannot listen live to sport, warnings of fires and cyclones and news once they leave home!

    Broadcast Australia has not sold the Radio Australia’s Shepparton Vic site. One of their transmitters on that site is DRM capable. This will need a digital feed from the ABC Melbourne studios.

    High Frequency (Short Wave) two way radios are in common use in remote areas, because satellite phones are very expensive to use. As a result there are two manufacturers of HF two way radios all of which are capable of receiving HF AM broadcast. These manufacturers export to the world.

  2. Dafydd Jones

    Not wanting to get into politics;but ,the current regime won’t! Labor might restore some kind of shortwave service;if they get into power again;but I’m a little dubious I’ll be sitting listening to Pacific Beat on my shortwave portable,any time soon! I tend to think,if it does happen,it will be low power,not whacking it out,like the good old Shepparton days! From what I’ve seen,Labor’s plans seemed to suggest that the service would be a more limited arrangement,anyway. Also,from bitter experience (admittedly,here in the uk) politicians have a track record of going back on their promises. It’s all very well saying something in opposition,but when they’re in government,and it’s money which could be spent on health,care,hospitals and education!

    PS: I really DO hope I’ll be proved wrong (smiley!)!

  3. Troy Riedel

    ABC will never re-establish shortwave for the SWL DX’er to receive … there’s a **chance** they’ll do something, low-power, to reach the remote territories but the “old” ABC Shortwave Oceanic & SE Asia Super-Power died a couple of years ago.


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