Australia Calling: ABC documentary looking at the impact of Radio Australia

Many thanks to a number of SWLing Post contributors who contacted me about a new documentary focused on the impact of Radio Australia. Peter Marks writes:

The celebration of 80 years of international broadcasting from Australia continues. The ABC has published “Australia Calling: A look at 80 years of Radio Australia and ABC international broadcasting” today:

And tonight there’s a documentary being shown on TV.

There’s even a story about the making of that documentary here:

Thank you, Peter! I just started watching the documentary via ABC’s iView. Note that the program is geo-blocked and not available outside of Australia (unless, like me, you have a good VPN). [No longer geo-blocked! See update.]

Here’s a link to the documentary on iView:

Peter also shared a number of related stories–some of which we’ve published in the past:

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9 thoughts on “Australia Calling: ABC documentary looking at the impact of Radio Australia

  1. Peter Marks

    Beijing – Not Working in China
    Shenzhen – Not Working in China
    Inner Mongolia – Not Working in China
    Heilongjiang Province – Not Working in China
    Yunnan Province – Not Working in China

    This URL appears to be blocked in China.

  2. Ken

    here in the middle of the USA (oklahoma) i used to look forward to listening to Radio Australia on 9580 in the mornings, because all the US shortwave broadcasters were brainless stupid religious drivel and i could not stand to listen to that crap for a minute, i was deeply saddened when Australia went off the air a few years ago, it was the only shortwave station left on the air that had just the news and related topics that interested me, now there is no shortwave broadcasts with just news and topics of interest

    1. Samuel Rhine

      True, even though it targeted mostly pacific and australia it was relevant all over the worlds. Specially with the USA news all being corporatist propaganda specially after 2016 along with BBC and VOA always being propaganda.

      The Radio Australia was nice and reliable on 9580 sounding like a local station all over the USA. I listened to it while moving around all over the USA and it was nice to have a constant station in touch. Saturday night country was nice as well. I put up a longwire specifically cut and oriented for Radio Australia.

  3. Kire

    The article was good. Thank you. Does anyone know if the Chinese people are able to access ABC over the internet? Or is it blocked?


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