Ivan tests the SDRplay RSPdx’s HDR mode

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ivan (NO2CW), who writes:

The new RSPdx has what they call “High Dynamic Range: (HDR) mode below 2 mHz. I tested a day after receiving the new unit by turning HDR mode on and off. It seemed to make quite a difference when receiving Non Directional Beacons.

As far as Medium Wave itself, I did see some difference but it was harder to make conclusions there as propagation of weak signals on medium wave can change up and down in the course of a minute and some additional testing on Medium Wave will be done in the future. Overall for anyone interested in the world below 2 mHz HDR mode is definitely something to explore!

My video is here:

Thank you for sharing, Ivan!

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2 thoughts on “Ivan tests the SDRplay RSPdx’s HDR mode

  1. Zacharias Liangas

    Unfortunately the video is not very convincing . In two out of 6 cases shown the dx was superior to the RSP1a the model i also use . Another less important factor was the video’s low audio volume
    i m just thinking for a model possibly Uno or another that can use diversity or phasing to null out unwanted local noise which is quite high at S5-7 across all the M+HF bands

  2. Guy Atkins

    Thanks Ivan for the great video!

    I received my RSPdx yesterday and look forward to going after tough MW signals with it. I wonder if the HDR mode is more than just a low pass filter that kicks in via that feature in the new SDRuno version 1.33?


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