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Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Zack Schindler, who writes:

Oh this brings back memories. I bought a lot of stuff from Radio West. Here is their catalog from 1983. Had them install a Collins mechanical filter in my Kenwood R-1000.

Click here to download Radio West Catalog 5 (PDF).

Thanks for sharing this bit of retail nostalgia, Zack!  This download is one of thousands available at the excellent American Radio History website.

Any other patrons of Radio West?  Please comment!

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7 thoughts on “Radio West catalog at American Radio History

  1. Mario

    Vintage catalogs are a great source of entertainment. What’s surprising is the high cost of the receivers in the catalog. You can still find many of these up for auction on EBay. Survivors. Thanks for the great post.

  2. Jack Heaphy

    Was that the store near SanDiego,California? I remember driving down from L.A. to shop but they were closed then!

  3. Dr. Frank M. Howell

    Yes, I bought the Yaesu FRG-7000 with the 2.9khz Collins filter mod. It was a gift to myself when I completed my two-volume dissertation. Kept it until just a few years ago when SDRs pushed it off my shelf!

  4. Jim Handcock

    I still have my FRG-7 that they modified. They added the fine tuning knob my early model lacked and also added a narrower filter for SSB.

    Grant and Patty were good folks.

    Later on I sent the Frog to Gilfer and had the digital readout added. Great radio.

    1. Charlie Cacioppo

      Gifler Shortwave in NJ?? Im from NJ and remember them. One of the few places like a showroom for those types of Radios. I went there with my Uncle in the 80s as he was looking for a ICOM R71A. He still has it and he lives in Colo.


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